About Stellar Satcom

Based in the US, we manufacture and design a wide range of high-power travelling wave tube amplifiers (TWTA), redundant system controllers and sub-systems.

Backed by extensive industry experience, our satellite professionals provide in-depth engineering assistance, unparalleled customer service and world-wide technical support spanning North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Unparalleled Customer Focus

Stellar Satcom is a joint venture created by Spacepath Communications (UK) and Polarity Inc. It is a U.S based, satellite amplifier manufacturer located in Sacramento, C.A. The Company brings together the collective design and production skills and experience from UK & U.S industry experts.

Stellar Satcom offers a comprehensive range of amplifier designs which have been based on over 30 years of experience, Spacepath communications brings to the Company. New product designs utilise Polarity`s focus in “powering Satcom” through their expertise in the design and manufacture of specialised high voltage power supplies used to drive TWTs, used extensively in Military ground based and airborne applications where performance and reliability is demanded.

This unrivalled combination makes Stellar Satcom HPAs the winning choice for all your satellite uplink amplifier and sub-system requirements.


Key People


Daniel Goluszek

Daniel Goluszek has decades experience in high power , high voltage power supplies and subsystems. He has served as Vice President of Engineering at Polarity for 7 years where he directs product engineering and manufacturing and supports business strategies. Prior to joining Polarity, he held engineering positions at XicomTechnology where he developed low voltage high current switches for both military SATCOM amd commercial programs, at CPI high voltage power converters for XM Radio uplinks and ETM solid state HV regulators , grid modulators and SATCOM amplifiers. Daniel holds a MS EE and has been awarded a patent related to Polyphase power converters.

Newton Burnet

Newton Burnet founded Powerlink, Europe's leading satellite amplifier repair and service Company in 1994. He sold the Company in 2011. Prior to this, Newton held a number of engineering and manufacturing positions at EEV (now e2v) His track record and expertise provides Stellar Satcom with a solid industry related engineering base and a strong focus on customer relationships.


Colin Bolton

Colin Bolton founded Xicom's subsidiary Company in 1999 establishing their brand across EMEA. Prior to setting up this business, Colin was Country manager of CPI Europe. With over 30 years Industry experience and a successful history of business start-ups. He has a proven track record with general management skills, along with a wealth of experience within the satellite industry network.

Wade Goins

Wade Goins has over 21 years experience in design and development of high power, high voltage equipment for both military and commercial applications. Prior to founding Polarity in 1998, where he is President and CEO, he held engineering and management positions where he sucessfully directed developed high voltage equipment for communication amplifiers, radar transmitters, industrial microwave systems and high voltage, high voltage modulators. Wade holds a BS EE and a patent for High Voltage Modulator (US 6246598)



What We Do

Stellar Satcom is a fast growing American company, specialising in the design, manufacture and support of satellite uplink amplifiers and sub-systems.

The video below is an overview of what Stellar Satcom does.


Spacepath design, manufacture, supply and service Stellar Amplifiers